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Christy Love

Alias: Christie, Gracie

País: United States

Nació: May 20, 1992

Ojo: Brown

Cabello: Brown

Altura: 162 cm

Peso: 51 kg

Tetas: Natural

Vistas: 0

Vídeos de Christy Love

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My name is Christy Love! I am a webcam model and pornstar. I've used modeling/acting as my way to express my sexual healing and embrace my sexuality. I grew up in a very conservative home with my mother being Korean and my father being white and a conservative Christian minister. I experienced a lot of sexual events that lead me feeling lost, confused and broken. I had to live up to what my parents wanted me to be ; this perfect asian girl who was perfect at school, played the piano, religious and innocent.
I was living a lie and I was so hurt inside. I turned to porn as my outlet to express myself and be who I truly was. From living a sheltered life in a bubble, to now a full time webcam model, I got to see the real world and saw that I wasn't the only one hurting inside. I went through years of therapy, counseling and went on a journey to find myself. As my journey as continued in the adult industry, my life has radically changed for the better.

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